Why I Like LinkedIn Updates

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For me, LinkedIn updates offer a perfect way to showcase the articles I’ve written about parenting, education, farm-to-table, politics, and fun in the Finger Lakes with my followers. The pieces I share are intended to enlighten, inform, or entertain all my professional connections, not just my writing colleagues. Not only do these updates increase my visibility as a freelance writer, they also promote the people, organizations, businesses, and events that I write about. Providing regular links to my newspaper and magazine articles on LinkedIn also benefits the editors and publishers that I work for by attracting new readers to their online publications.

I also set some time aside each day to read, and sometimes comment on, other people’s updates. There are certain connections that I know are interested in the same issues and topics I am so I usually turn to them first, but I try to check out someone new each day as well.

The other thing I like about LinkedIn updates are that they are short and to the point. This makes it easier to read them and to pick out ones you want to peruse at greater length.

A few guidelines I follow when I’m on LinkedIn:

  • Avoid making overly negative or controversial comments. This doesn’t mean you should be completely neutral in everything you put out there or comment on; it just means you should think about the words you’re choosing before you hit “Share”.
  • Keep in mind that this is a business site, not a social one. Your updates should relate to your profession in some way.
  • Don’t only post images of uplifting or motivational sayings or quotes. I have been known to “like” these so I’m not a total Scrooge but in my opinion they are over utilized by many businessmen and women.
  • Attach photos or links related to your update whenever possible.
  • Respond to anyone who comments on your update.
  • Always hit “Share with Public and Twitter”. Not only will this send your updates to a broader audience, it will also make you more message-conscious as the update will only show 140 characters to the Tweeters.

Any other tips for using LinkedIn updates? Feel free to share them!

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