Travel Tidbit #7

Mar 30, 2023 | Travel | 0 comments

I start planning my spring/summer adventures in March. First of all, summer’s a busy time of year so the earlier you make reservations, purchase tickets, and ask for time off, the better. Advance planning also allows you to create a balanced slate of international, national, and regional diverse landscapes and attractions to spend quality time visiting. Most importantly, thinking about what you want to do, and who you want to do it with, gives you something to look forward to; essential if, like me, you live in the frigid Northeast.

You know how you always say, “I’ll get there” or I’ll do that” …someday? Well, I’ve decided that, after the past three years, someday has arrived! How does that take shape on my travel itinerary? I started 2023 with the Philadelphia Mummers Parade, went to a hootenanny in Rochester, and attended my first ever ECAC hockey tournament in Lake Placid.

What’s next? Here’s a sneak preview:

  • A river cruise in southern France
  • The Rochester International Jazz Festival
  • The National Comedy Museum in Jamestown, NY
  • The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango, NY
  • The annual Dyngus Day Buffalo Festival and Parade
  • A very cool concert and Broadway show in New York City



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