Travel Tidbit #13

May 1, 2023 | Travel | 0 comments

I haven’t been to Brooklyn in years! So, it was exciting to revisit the popular Kings County borough on a Friday afternoon. First stop was Cheryl’s Global Soul. There was a line and we were hungry but we decided to stick it out and boy was it worth it! The calamari was a big hit, along with the fried chicken and BLT sandwiches and two of the daily specials. Excellent coffee and indoor/outdoor dining too. Fortified, we set off for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden . I expected lilacs, cherry blossoms, and tulips but not this! Seeing them at work would have been a definite first!

The beauty and scents of spring are hard to beat. You can plan your route or wander aimlessly, as we did, inside (Bonsai room!) or outside by the pond, around the flower beds, or simply sit under a tree and read, sketch, or people-watch. It’s an oasis you could easily relax all day at and there’s something for everyone, from young children to elders with memory issues.

Last stop was the Standard Wormwood Distillery where an enthusiastic bartender mixed up three cocktails (Spring Margarita won hands-down!) and a KCBC IPA. A perfect day for all!



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