Travel Tidbit #12

Apr 24, 2023 | Travel | 0 comments

New York City in the spring! Bursting buds, fresher air, everything reopened, and people actually smiling! I was looking forward to my mini-vacay all month.

Radio Hotel was fantastic! There was nothing about it I didn’t like, from the staff to the location, to the price. New to Washington Heights, Radio has everything you need in an accommodation. It’s all about the guests there, yet the vibe is anything but old-fashioned. From the moment we checked in (early, but absolutely no problem) the building practically pulsed with a sense of anticipation. Hotel rooms in NYC can be claustrophobic, but they utilize the space in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like the walls are pressing in on you. Everything (except for a coffee/ expresso machine) is within arm’s reach. The bold colors add to, rather than detracting from, the room’s charm. Here’s our bathroom!

We didn’t eat at Jalao but the bar was hopping, the Dominican food looked delicious, and there weren’t any empty tables. There’s also a large enclosed courtyard to relax in and did I mention the parking? Thirty dollars for three days! Alternately, the subway is only a short walk through a vibrant neighborhood. Five stars!



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