New Year’s Resolutions that I Plan to Keep!

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I love New Year’s resolutions! For me, they’re a time to think about what directions I want my writing career to venture in for the coming year. Thoughtful resolutions are great to use as a measuring stick halfway through the year (usually in June) to see how I’m progressing.

Take a look at my writing goals for 2018!

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I read a quote in a Writer’s Digest by Junot Diaz that really resonated with me. He suggested we all try to read at least ten books in the coming year by authors of colors different from yours. I’m going to broaden that to include writers of different genders, religions, and political parties.

Experiment with writing in more styles/genres

This year I plan to enter more writing contests, try some personal essays and short stories, and maybe even pen some of my ghastly poetry. Hey it makes me laugh so it can’t be all bad!

Continue writing about things that matter to me

Much of my focus in 2017 was on farm-to-table, immigration, refugees, and political asylum seekers, education, and parenting. I don’t plan to discontinue any of these anytime soon but I’d like to add book reviews and travel writing to my writing portfolio.

Meet my personal goal for book sales for The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer

Create timelines, promote the book in every way possible, and network until I drop. I believe in the book’s value and I want to make sure people who can benefit from it are aware of it. Also-after investing eight years in its writing and production-it would be wonderful to finally receive some financial compensation for my efforts.

Be a lifelong learner

This resolution is easy for me! I love going to two-three writing conferences, symposiums, and literary seminars each year as well as reading about my craft and attending author talks at regional colleges and writing organizations. A new goal is to qualify for membership in the Society of American Travel Writers (not as easy as it sounds).

Take care of myself

I need to be physically and emotionally healthy to write well. The writing life can be highly stressful so this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. However I’m aiming to continue to write daily in my journal to help me stay on track mentally, walk every day (or some other type of outdoor exercise-no gyms!), drink less coffee, and try to find more balance between work and play.

Stay connected!

Keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. You never know where your next idea will come from!

It’s a new year, a fresh start. Let’s all try to hit the ground running!

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