Election Day is Here!

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I’m a writer. Words mean everything to me. When used passionately they can become one of the most powerful and persuasive tools for change I know. In an increasingly polarized political climate, civil and not-so-civil words have been used in so many ways. Everywhere people turn-television, online, print, radio, novels, poetry, songs, family holidays-an opinion is being expressed. The American public has literally been bombarded by words. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed at times.

Some things have changed since Steppenwolf wrote and sang this song in the 1960’s. Others not so much. Often called  “US History 101” or an “Anthem for America”, it’s worth listening to today.


America is not some abstract concept. It’s our country, our democracy. We are the ones who shaped her past and we are the ones who will define her future. When was the last time you sat down and really thought about what America means to you? What kind of country you want to call your own? To be a proud citizen of?

Tomorrow, once Americans have spoken, we can begin to write again, processing the results of the November 6 election on the page. However, at this moment in history our actions will speak louder than our words.

Today is the day we need to put down our pens, take our fingers off our keyboards, and cast our ballots. Your vote can, and will, make a difference. See you at the polls!

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