Writing Services

  • Feature Articles

    A more in-depth focus on a specific and timely human-interest subject or person. Stories contain interviews of knowledgeable sources familiar with the topic and photos. The style is simple and informative, with the intent of educating and entertaining readers.

  • News Articles

    Accurate reporting of events, supplemented by up-to-date and pertinent information about the topic and relevant quotes from experts in the field. The focus is factual and doesn’t promote a point-of-view but instead allows the reader to draw their own conclusions.

  • Trade Articles

    Are written for a specific audience, in a certain business or industry. The reader is assumed to have a certain professional knowledge of the field so the use of jargon and technical terms is acceptable.

  • Newsletters

    An excellent way to keep business connections informed about what is happening within the company or organization. Will provide the written content for the newsletter through interviews and other forms of outreach and am able to partner with most graphic designers and photographers so the end product is attractive and cohesive.

  • Press Releases

    A well-written press release not only provides all the necessary information to readers, it can also pique people’s curiosity or interest and become a gateway to a longer news or feature story.

  • Profiles

    A simple, straightforward bio statement or business profile is invaluable to busy professionals. These can be used in many ways, from highlighting the qualifications of a conference presenter, to accompanying an Op-ed piece in a local or national newspaper, to the “About” page for a business website. A well-crafted profile can last years.

  • Blog Posts

    Regular posting is a great way to interact with a customer or fan base by promoting online conversations related to their interests. Blogs are also an ideal way to establish the blogger as a specialist or an authority on certain matters. Am able to assist with writing posts or editing those that are already written.

  • Theatre Reviews

    Performance reviews include information about the actors, the director, sound, lighting, and costume designers. The piece highlights what works and what doesn’t in the performance, both stylistically/technically and emotionally. The language and tone are subjective and by the last sentence it will usually be clear to the reader whether the reviewer is recommending that they see the play or not.

  • Book Reviews

    Summarize the plot, characters, content, and style of the book. A review may also provide some background information about the author. Reviews can be neutral or there may contain some personal input from the reviewer, especially if the book evoked strong negative or positive feelings in them.

  • Memoirs

    Can collaborate with adults to help them share their life story with others in a meaningful way.

  • Books [Co-Author]

    Will work with other qualified professionals to compose a logically ordered and compelling nonfiction book on a subject related to their career or occupation. Supplementary skills include interviewing, drafting, editing, and proofreading.

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