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Two Eclectic (and educational) Days in Queenstown!

Did I mention that Kreig composed a daily agenda for us that includes a “Word of the Day”, what to wear, what to bring, and what meals will be provided? Today’s advice was “Wear whatever you think suits a movie, wine, lunch, beekeeping and a walk through a vegetable garden. I guess I’m saying dress…

On the Road Again

There’s no denying that the current pandemic has drastically changed our perception of time. How easy it has been to forget what weekday, let alone calendar day, it is. I’ve found that it’s frequently that way on vacation as well. Let me orient you! Today is February 27, Day Five of our trip. Hard to…

Exploring Mount Cook

This will be a longer-than-usual post as it was a busy day and I haven’t blogged in over a week! First stop this morning was the Sir Edmund Hillary Visitor Center-a handy two-minute walk from the hotel lobby. Though we had a full day ahead of us, Judie and I wanted to check it out…

Heading South to Aoraki/Mount Cook

After a short domestic flight from Auckland to Christchurch in the South Island, we picked up our van, loaded our luggage in, and headed south. As we drove, Kreig entertained us with facts and bits of local lore. For example, one of his hobbies is learning the words to other country’s national anthems! We made…

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