• What's your story?

    I can help you share it!

  • What's your story?

    I can help you share it!


My goal as a freelance writer is to use compelling words and powerful imagery to educate, inspire, and entertain my readers. Feature articles and news stories make up the bulk of my assignments, but I’m also a blogger, a business writer, a personal essayist, theatre critic, and the coauthor of an upcoming nonfiction book.

My writing career began in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. Phenomenal scenery, plenty of interesting people, and a multitude of newsworthy happenings have given me the opportunity to write about the things I’m most interested in, including education, agriculture, politics, and parenting. These days I write for a number of publications, both in the US and Canada.

I hope you’ll take a minute to browse through my site and learn more about what my freelance writing has to offer you, personally and professionally. If you think you have a story to share, please feel free to write, call, email, InMail, or contact me on Twitter.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Sue Henninger

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I offer a broad range of professional writing services, from news stories and feature articles for newspapers and magazines, to business materials like press releases, newsletters, and blog posts. I also enjoy writing book and theatre reviews. As a freelance writer, I take pride in my interviewing skills, in consistently meeting my deadlines, and in my ability to share anyone’s story in a clear and compelling way.
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On these pages you’ll find a broad sampling of my written work across several disciplines. These showcase my various writing styles, as well as the wide diversity of people and topics I enjoy writing about. All Work

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